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With Botowski's Chatbot Engine, you can continually improve your chatbot's performance. From setting up on your website, to scraping content, and deploying the chat widget on any site, our video guide can help you navigate the process seamlessly.

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Botowski's Chatbot Engine Benefits

Botowski's chatbot can remember conversations and act just like a real customer service or sales agent. It's designed to learn and adapt to ensure every interaction is handled perfectly.

24/7 Chatbot Support

Have your own chatbot on-board to offer around-the-clock support to your customers, ensuring they receive assistance whenever needed.

Automated AI Responses

Save precious time as the chatbot automatically handles frequently asked questions, allowing you to focus on more complex customer queries and issues.

Historical Analysis

The chatbot's ability to review and learn from previous interactions allows a deeper understanding of customer behavior. Use these insights to refine and enhance your services.

Real-time Updates

With the chatbot's capability to continuously scan and learn from your website, it can seamlessly update its knowledge base. This makes it perfect for businesses in fast-paced, constantly evolving industries.

Highly Customizable

The chat widgets are fully adaptable to meet your specific needs, mirroring your brand's color theme, language preference, and tone, for a personalized user experience.

No humans required

By eliminating the need for expensive human agents, who typically cost around $25 per hour, you can substantially cut down your customer service expenses with our cost-effective chatbot solution.

And There's Even More to Explore...

  • Generic Query Handling
    Beyond your website's content, the AI chatbot can also handle and answer commonly asked queries that your customers may have.
  • Behavior Customization
    You can alter the behavior of the bot to suit your business needs, whether it's being persuasive for sales or empathetic for customer support.
  • Scalability
    As your business grows, our chatbot can easily accommodate increasing customer interactions without any additional stress on your resources.
Featured Use Case

Cost-Effective Customer Support

Our Chatbot Engine offers a cost-effective solution for customer support. By leveraging AI technology, businesses can reduce expenses associated with hiring and training a dedicated support team.

With Chatbot Engine, you can handle a high volume of queries simultaneously, ensuring prompt and accurate responses without compromising quality.

Integration with your website or knowledge base guarantees consistent and reliable information for customers.

Enjoy 24/7 availability, scalability, and data-driven insights while optimizing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Experience efficient and affordable customer support with Chat Engine.

To learn more, check out our article on the integration of AI into your website.

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How does Chatbot Engine help in reducing customer support costs?

Chatbot Engine reduces customer support costs by automating the support process, eliminating the need for a dedicated support team. Its AI-powered capabilities handle a high volume of queries simultaneously, providing cost-effective support without compromising quality.

Can Botowski's Chatbot handle a large volume of customer queries simultaneously?

Yes, our Chatbot is designed to handle a large volume of customer queries simultaneously. Its AI-powered technology enables it to efficiently manage multiple conversations at once, surpassing the capabilities of a single person or a small team. This ensures prompt and effective support for a high number of customers concurrently.

How does Chatbot Engine ensure the quality and accuracy of customer responses?

Chatbot Engine ensures the quality and accuracy of customer responses through a combination of AI algorithms and continuous learning. Initially, it scans and analyzes the content from your website, including FAQs, product information, and support articles, to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business and offerings.

As customers interact with our chat, it uses its AI capabilities to interpret their queries and generate appropriate responses based on the knowledge it has acquired. The system continuously learns from these interactions and customer feedback, fine-tuning its responses over time.

To maintain quality, you have the ability to review and monitor the conversations. This allows you to identify any areas where content may need tweaking or updates to ensure accurate and satisfactory responses. By keeping your website content up to date, you can ensure that Botowski's Chatbot Engine delivers high-quality and accurate customer responses.

Can Chatbot Engine support multiple languages for a global customer base?

Yes, it has the capability to support multiple languages, making it suitable for a global customer base. It is designed to understand and respond to customer queries in various languages, allowing businesses to provide support to customers worldwide, regardless of their preferred language. This multilingual support enhances accessibility and ensures effective communication with customers across different regions and language preferences.

Does Chatbot Engine provide personalized responses to customers?

Yes, it provides personalized responses to customers. It has the ability to remember previous conversation history and can utilize that information to deliver contextually relevant and tailored responses. By leveraging this capability, Chatbot Engine can simulate a more human-like interaction, enhancing the customer experience and addressing specific customer needs and preferences.

How do I create a chatbot?

Creating a chatbot with Botowski is a straightforward process. Simply scan your website and utilize the generated code snippet provided by Chatbot Engine. By adding this code snippet to your website, the chatbot functionality will be activated immediately without any additional steps required. It's a hassle-free way to integrate a chatbot and start offering automated customer support or sales assistance on your website.

Do you use GPT-4?

Yes, we utilize GPT-4, the advanced version of the language model, in our chatbot system. The implementation of GPT-4 allows us to provide enhanced language understanding, improved responses, and more accurate assistance to meet the diverse needs of our users.

What if the chatbot answers incorrectly?

In the event that the chatbot provides incorrect answers, you can easily rectify the situation. Make sure that your website's content is up to date and accurately reflects the information you want the chatbot to rely on. Then, you can rescan the specific page or section of your website from Botowski's dashboard. This allows the chatbot to learn from the updated information and provide more accurate responses to future queries. Regularly reviewing and updating your website's content will help ensure that the chatbot consistently provides correct and helpful answers to users.

Can I customize the appearance or behavior of the chatbot on my website?

Yes, we offer customization options for both the appearance and behavior of the chatbot on your website. You can personalize the chatbot's appearance to align with your brand by choosing colors, fonts, and chat window styles that match your website's design. Additionally, you have control over the chatbot's behavior, such as greeting messages, response speed, and interaction flow. These customization options allow you to create a chatbot that seamlessly integrates with your website and delivers a cohesive user experience.

How can I initiate a chat with the chatbot?

To initiate a chat with the chatbot, you need to have the chatbot code integrated into your website. Look for the chat icon or chat window, usually located in the bottom corner of your website, such as the bottom right or bottom left. Clicking on the chat icon or chat window opens the chat interface where you can start typing your message or query. The chatbot will then provide a response based on your input. Make sure the code snippet provided for the chatbot is present on your website for the chat functionality to be enabled.

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